Professor Mostafa Moin – Brief C.V.
Name: Mostafa Moin
Present Appointment: Professor of Pediatrics, Allergist & Clinical Immunologist

Contact Information
Immunology, Asthma & Allergy Research Institute (President), Tehran University of Medical Sciences. PO BOX : 14185 – 936 Tehran, I.R.Iran .
Fax(+9821)66428995,E-mail :
Academic Qualifications
-Board Certified in Allergy & Clinical Immunology (Tehran University of Medical Sciences -1996)
-Board Certified in Pediatrics (Shiraz University-1979)
-Medical Degree (Shiraz University-1976)
Professional Affiliations
-Iranian Institute for the Advancement of Knowledge and Research (Founding Member- since 1991)
-Iranian Society of Asthma & Allergy (ISAA) (President- since 1996)
-Iranian Society for Immunology, and Allergy (ISIA) (Member- since 1995)
-International Asthma Council (IAC) (Member- 1995-1998)
-Subspecialty Board of Allergy & Clinical Immunology (Member – since 1999)
-National Committee for Asthma & Allergy (Head – since 1999)
-American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunolog (AAAAI) (Corresponding Member- 2000 – 2004) -Immunology, Asthma and Allergy Research Institute (President – since 2000)
-Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (Chairman -since 2000)
-Iranian Genetics Society (Honorary Member – Since 2003)
-UNESCO Chair of Health Education in Iran (Chair holder – 2004 -2014)
-Iranian Society for Ethics in Science & Technology (Founding Member& President- 2004 – 2013)
-Iranian Association for Scientific Development (Founding Member – since 2005)
-Iranian Journal of Ethics in Science and Technology (Chairman- since 2006)
-Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences, (Associate Member – since 2006)
-Europian Respiratory Society (ERS), (Member- 2006-2008)
-TtheBoard of Trustees of Rahman Scientific and Socio-Cultural Institute(Chairman-since 2006) Teaching Areas
-Pediatrics, & Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology Courses (Medical students, Residents, Fellows, MS & PHD students)
Honors and Awards
-Highest International Professor Yalda Award for Distinguished Teaching and Research in Medical Sciences (2010)
-Distinguished Researcher in the 15th Avicenna Festival (2013)
-The most influential individual announced by Essential Science Indicators in 2015 (ranked in the top 1% of the world scientists)
Research Areas and Appointments
– More than 70 Research Projects in the following fields:
-Pediatric asthma (Epidemiology, Education, Diagnosis and Treatment)
-Allergy (Anaphylaxis, Allergic rhinitis, Drug allergy, …)
-Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders (XLA, AT, HIE, …)
-Health Education & Medical Ethics

*Books & Book Chapters: 24 (Written, Edited, Translated), including:

– Moin M., Faridhoseini R. Anaphylaxis, Jehad Publication, Iran-1995
– Moin M. et. al., Translation of Immunology, Allergy & Rheumatology Chapters of Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics (15th Edition), 1996.

– Farhoudi A. et. al. Common Allergic Diseases (Anaphylaxis article), Shahed University Publication, Iran 1996.
– Moin M et. al. Asthma- Basic and Clinical Sciences, Academic Publication Center, Iran -2003, 2017
– Moin M et. al. Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders in Iran, Tehran University of Medical Scienses Publication, Iran -2004
– Moin M et. al. National Asthma Guideline- Prevention, Diagnosis and Management Protocol, Iran -2007

* Bibliography: Over 150 Articles in International Scientific Journals

*Over 20 Books in Social and Cultural Issues

Scientific & Executive Positions
-Chancellor of Shiraz University (1981- 1982)
-Head of the Medical Education Planning Group of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution(1985-89) -Member of Parliament from Shiraz, Tehran and Isfahan Constituencies (1982…1988…1997) in Health, -Higher Education Commissions
-Member of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution (1983-2003)
-Minister of Culture and Higher Education (1989- 1993)
-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Universities (1989- 1993 & 1997-2003)
-Chairman of Cultural Commission of the Council of Ministers of Iran (1997- 2003)
-Minister of Science, Research and Technology (1997-2003)
-Advisor to the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran (2003-2005)
-Member of the Supreme Council of I.R.Iran Medical Council (2006 -2009), (2017-…)
Podium Presentations
-More than 300 Papers in National & International Scientific Meetings and Congresses (since 1996) Addresses made to the International Scientific, Educational & Cultural Meetings (1989-2002)


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