NAME:                                                       Soheila Alyasin

PLACE OF BIRTH:                       Pediatric ward office ‐ Nemazee Hospital ‐ Shiraz ‐ Iran

  1. E. MAIL: alyasins@sums.air

PLACE OF BRITH:                                    Shiraz ‐ Iran

DATE OF BIRTH:                                      March 2nd 1961

MARITAL STATUS:                                  Married NUMBER OF CHILDRAN:                       Three HEALTH CONDITION:                             Good


1979‐1988                                        M.D. Shiraz Medical University. Shiraz ‐ Iran

1988    ‐ 1991                                    Pediatric speciality

Shiraz Medical University ‐ Shiraz ‐ Iran

1999‐2002                                      Clinical allergy and Immunology and Pediatric Rheumatology fellowship Shiraz Medical University ‐ Shiraz ‐ Iran


Membership in major

Professional societies:

Department of clinical allergy and immunology

Shiraz Medical University

Shiraz , Iran

Clinical Associate professor

Iranian Society of Allergy and Asthma

Iranian Society of Allergy and Immunology

Licensure and Board                    Medical License

Certification                                     Iran 1988

Iran 1991

Iran 2002

Honor and award received:             Award from Health ministry because of being top of the board of allergy and immunology (2002)


Patient care                                      Pediatric

Teaching                                            Medical Student, Pediatric Resident , Allergy, clinical immunology and Pediatric Rheumatology Fellowships

Workshop                                         Searching method

Writing article

Teaching methods & programms

Teaching evaluation

Bad news in medical practice Exceptional talents guidence Evidence base medicine Shiraz Medical University

Shiraz ‐ Iran

Hobbies                                       Swimming ‐ Walking‐ Reading newspaper

Language Skills                         Fluent in Farsi  ‐ English


‐ Book Chapter:”  Imunology  and  Cystic  Fibrosis”in;  Immunodeficiency  disorders  in

Iran; in book  By Abolhasan Farhoodi ‐ Chief Editor

‐ Two chapters of “Exercise induced asthma” & “Differential Diagnosis of asthma” in

“Asthma “   book.   Editor Dr.  Mostafa Moeen

          Research interest                           Allergy and clinical immunology‐Pediatric pulmonology

          Research experience                    Immunology – Allergy‐ Pediatric rheumatology


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