1- Applying for Iran e-visa:

We can apply for your Iran e-visa.
The necessary documents are:

  • Application form
  • Copy of passport (the first page of applicant passport)
  • Application fee

The price of Iran e-visa is divided to two parts.

  1. The first payment for online e-visa application form is 13 EUR.
  2. The second one is around 60 EUR (according to the country) that the applicant must pay in the embassy of Iran in their own countries when the visa is ready and they want to take them.

Please email for us your completed application form with the copy of your passport , we will inform you how you can pay the online application fee (13 EUR).

The dead line for applying Iran visa is 1st of May 2017.

We will inform you when your visa is ready through your email and you must go to the embassy of Iran in your country and pay around 60 EUR (according to the country) in there to get your e-visa.

– * Applicant from USA, Afghanistan and Bangladesh must apply for Iran visa by their own from Iran embassy in their country. We can’t apply for them from Iran.


For more information and visa issuing :
💻 www.seirefars.com
📞 +98 7132340015 – 16
Telegram : +989164861031 / +989173054590
Whatsapp : +989173054590


2- Travel to Shiraz:

You can send the request of ticket of Iran to us.
We will check the flights and guide you how you can buy your requested ticket.

3- City of Shiraz:

for more information regarding Shiraz please Click Here